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Pam McMillan, RN, OCN - Page 2

Pam McMillan a native to the Texas Panhandle is a registered nurse, wife and mother. During her career she has developed a passion for serving those suffering from cancer. Her current role is leading the survivorship program on behalf of the Harrington Cancer and Health Foundation. She continues to serve those individuals and families across the region that are affected by cancer. Follow her on Twitter @pammo10
Two-thirds of cancers can be prevented by diet and exercise alone. Now is the time to focus on cancer prevention.
1:39 PM, Wed February 8, 2017 | Comments (2)
How do cancer survivors perceive their cancer?
8:53 PM, Thu January 12, 2017
Is the elephant of intimacy making you or your patient uncomfortable?
3:22 PM, Fri December 9, 2016
Is there actually an increase of hospital visits when a full moon is present? Does the moon increase the incidence of admissions or injury?
5:10 AM, Fri October 7, 2016
Have you every been apart of something so touching that it just puts a big smile on your face, warms your heart, and maybe even brings out a few tears?
3:13 AM, Wed August 3, 2016
What if you could give a patient just a moment to relax and escape the reality of life? Oncology massage is just the way to do it.
7:43 AM, Wed May 25, 2016
Survivor: one simple word surrounded by so much confusion but yet so much meaning.
2:18 AM, Tue March 29, 2016
Life has a lot of uncertainties, but what can you do to help the emotional state of mind?
12:01 PM, Mon February 15, 2016
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