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Carol Bush

Friday, August 15, 2014
I believe mastering conversation strategies via social media is as essential to today's nursing practice as our stethoscopes and our brain. Why?
Thursday, March 20, 2014
Last fall, I started working with a couple of nursing colleagues on a project which involves LinkedIn training for oncology nurses. The number one concern voiced ahead of the training by roughly a quarter of those nurses . . . and hundreds more in my personal conversations over the last year?
Wednesday, February 05, 2014
Pretty sure my mom would say questioning the status quo started at a very young age . . ."If I said the moon was white, you would say it was black...just to be different." I recall feeling frustrated when my kindergarten teacher did not want me to ‘color outside the lines.' Why not?
Monday, December 30, 2013
To me, the statement means that no matter how much someone agreeing with you might try to represent you, having the unique experience of being you and being where decisions are made means volumes more. All too often, if you aren't part of the decision making, you will likely get left out, or worse yet, get served on the menu.
Carol Bush, BS, RN
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The Disruptive Nurse: An oncology nurse navigator with a passion for helping medical teams embrace innovation.
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Carol Bush, BS, RN, is an oncology nurse navigator with the Midwest Cancer Alliance and a nurse consultant for Remedy Heathcare Consulting.  She has a passion for helping medical teams learn to embrace innovation and thrive in a patient-focused environment.  An ardent advocate of social media in healthcare, she especially enjoys working with care managers, health coaches, and nurse navigators.  Connect with Carol Bush via Twitter @remedyhc_RN.
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