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Improvements in Accessibility to Cancer Screenings Are Needed for Individuals With Disabilities

November 02, 2022

It is imperative that nurses and other health care professionals not only recognize the disparities in preventive screenings but become part of the solution. Early detection and cancer treatment must be accessible for those with disabilities, as it can help save lives.

Nurse Trust Among Patients With Ports

June 20, 2018

Research has shown that pain and anxiety are related to port access, so a need exists to capture patients’ feelings and emotions related to living with a port, as well as effective nursing interventions aimed at addressing those patient experiences.

Promoting BRCA Awareness

March 15, 2018

By taking the nonthreatening approach of consulting a genetic counselor, plus the simple act of sending out a freshly collected 1-cc sample of saliva, I will affect not only my health but also the well-being of my daughters, son, and grandchildren.