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CBD May Alleviate Burnout, Exhaustion in Health Care Professionals

October 25th 2021

Health care professionals who treated patients throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and received CBD therapy reported less burnout and emotional exhaustion than those solely receiving standard-of-care treatment.

Applying Positive Psychology to Financial Planning

October 25th 2021

This holistic approach will allow you to discover your unique blueprint for well-being in life rather than focusing solely on amassing wealth.

UGN-102 Induces Durable Responses in Patients with Low-Grade Intermediate-Risk NMIBC

October 24th 2021

Approximately 73% of patients with NMIBC who experienced a complete response after non-surgical primary chemoablation using mitomycin-containing reverse thermal gel UGN-102 remained disease free at 9 months.

New Clinical Trial Will Assess Novel ADC in Drug Resistant HER2+ Breast Cancer

October 23rd 2021

The recently launched phase 2 ACE-Breast03 seeks to appraise the efficacy and safety of the novel antibody-drug conjugate, ARX788, in patients with metastatic HER2-positive breast cancer whose disease is resistant to previous targeted therapies.

Stronger Coordination with PCP a Necessity in Caring for Cancer Survivors

October 22nd 2021

A recent study identified some of the key challenges in coordinated care for underinsured and uninsured cancer survivors who have initiated the surveillance stage of their journey.

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