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Medical Marijuana May Reduce Common Chemotherapy AEs; More Research Needed

April 21st 2021

Data presented at the Oncology Nursing Society’s 46th Annual Congress demonstrates that there is low level evidence that suggests medical marijuana or cannabinoids may reduce chemotherapy-related adverse events in patients with cancer.

Chemotherapy Education Policy Fails to Increase Education and Decrease ‘Same Day Chemo’ Teaching

April 21st 2021

While staff at a NCCN-designated oncology center responded positively to a new Chemotherapy Education Policy, its implementation did not increase the quality of education or decrease the incidence of “same day chemo teaches”, according to data presented at the ONS Annual Congress.

Certified Nurse Specialists’ Role in Achieving DSC Certifications

April 20th 2021

Certified nurse specialists play a crucial role in their institutions achieving Disease-Specific Care certifications – which can ultimately improve patient outcomes.

Cancer Center Seeks to Improve Patient Experience, Satisfaction Through Communication Education With Staff

April 20th 2021

A poster presentation from the Oncology Nursing Society’s 46th Annual Congress describes a single-center clinician education program aimed at improving patient satisfaction.

Lifestyle Medicine Clinic May Help Cancer Survivors Improve Their Diet, Physical Activity

April 20th 2021

A clinic for patients with a history of cancer led by an advanced practice nurse and a dietician may empower patients to improve their lifestyles through diet and exercise, especially since it may have an impact on their outcomes and future risk for diseases.

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