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head and neck cancer
Pembrolizumab With or Without Chemotherapy Continues to Show Survival Benefit Over Cetuximab Plus Chemotherapy in Recurrent/Metastatic HNSCC

February 7th 2023

Patients with head and neck squamous cell carcinoma continued to displayed a survival benefit with pembrolizumab at a 4-year follow-up.

Adding Docetaxel to Radiation Boosts Survival in Cisplatin-Ineligible HNSCC

February 6th 2023

Recurrent/Metastatic HNSCC
Checkmate 651 Misses Primary End Points With Frontline Nivolumab/Ipilimumab in Recurrent/Metastatic HNSCC

January 19th 2023

head and neck cancer
Low-Dose Nivolumab Plus Chemotherapy an Accessible Alternative to Full-Dose Checkpoint Inhibitors in Head and Neck Cancer

January 10th 2023

Smiling Patient
Black Mulberry Extract Shows Efficacy in Oral Mucositis Management for Patients Receiving Chemotherapy

December 22nd 2022

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