'Dancing With the Stars' Derek Hough Offers Words of Motivation for Oncology Nurses


Derek Hough spoke to a crowd of oncology nurses at the 3rd Annual School of Nursing Oncology conference.

After a day filled with the latest cancer updates at the 3rd Annual School of Nursing Oncology, attendees were treated with some words of motivation—and a dance demonstration–from “Dancing With the Stars” champion Derek Hough.

While the nurses were excited to see Hough, who is a 2-time Emmy Award winner, New York Times bestselling author, and 6-time champion on “Dancing With the Stars,” Hough flipped the script and said how he was honored to be in the presence of these extraordinary healthcare professionals.

“I want to thank [the nurses] so much because what you do is so important. I feel grateful to be here in your presence,” he said.

Hough explained how people should not hope for good days, but they should create them. For him, that, of course, means lots of dancing. The performer then pulled an audience member to the front of the room for a mini dance lesson and demonstration. “When in doubt, shake it out!” he said.

“When in doubt, shake it out!” @derekhough shows us how to dance at the 3rd Annual School of Nursing Oncology! pic.twitter.com/thN3rk16mv

— Oncology Nursing News (@OncNursingNews) August 2, 2019

While music and dancing is an excellent way to brighten the mood, Hough acknowledged that stressful situations and not-so-great days are inevitable — especially in the world of oncology nursing.

He encouraged nurses to reflect on their career choices when they’re faced with their hardest days. Everyone went into oncology nursing for a reason, be it an experience with a family member or a friend with cancer, the fascination with science, or just the driving passion to help patients who need it most.

“In the moments when you think you can’t do this anymore, go back and remember why you’re doing it in the first place,” he said. “We all share that fear: Am I enough? Am I good enough? … It’s not about what we achieve; it’s about who we become and how we make people feel.”

Derek Hough, our keynote for School of Nursing Oncology, taught us where our focus goes our energy flows! Thank you for a wonderful Afternoon with Derek! pic.twitter.com/Ce99divFDg

— PER (@gotoPER) August 3, 2019

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