Anees B. Chagpar on the Role of Nurses in the Breast Cancer Decision-Making Process


Anees B. Chagpar, MD, MSc, MA, MPH, discusses the role of nurses in the decision making process for breast cancer care.

Anees B. Chagpar, MD, MSc, MA, MPH, associate professor of Surgery (Oncology), director, The Breast Center at Smilow Cancer Hospital at Yale-New Haven, program director, Interdisciplinary Breast Fellowship, assistant director, Diversity and Health Equity at Yale Cancer Center, discusses the role of a nurse in the decision-making process for breast cancer care.

A nurse can bring a lot to the table when it comes to decision making, according to Chagpar. A nurse often will echo information initially provided by a physician in more patient-friendly language.

Chagpar says a nurse also will provide emotional support and give a patient peace of mind. Oftentimes, a patient just needs a sounding board so that their concerns are understood.

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