Erin Hofstatter on Counseling Patients at High-Risk for Breast Cancer on Preventive Mastectomy

October 18, 2016
Erin Hofstatter, MD

Erin Hofstatter, MD, discusses the important risks and benefits to consider when deciding on preventive surgery for patients at high-risk for breast cancer.

Erin Hofstatter, MD, from Smilow Cancer Hospital and Yale Medical School discusses the risks and benefits that should be told to a patient at high-risk for breast cancer considering preventive surgery.

While preventive mastectomy can offer a better quality of life and almost entirely remove the risk of cancer, there are considerable risks to consider. With surgery, there is a lengthy recovery period, the potential for complications, and cosmetic issues that can arise. Hofstatter stresses that it is a big decision and is the best choice for some patients, but not all.