Finley-Oliver Talks Talquetamab and Other Later Line Multiple Myeloma Therapies


Beth Finley-Oliver, MSN, ARNP, AGNP-BC, recaps part of her presentation from the 2023 JADPRO meeting about caring for patients with high-risk multiple myeloma.

In this episode of The Vitals, Beth Finley-Oliver, MSN, ARNP, AGNP-BC, a nurse practitioner who works in the outpatient hematology clinic at Moffitt Cancer Center, revisits her presentation from the 2023 JADPRO Live Annual Meeting and discusses the growing number of therapies for patients with relapsed or refractory multiple myeloma.

Episode Highlights

“A clinical trial upfront would be my first option. After that, I have to try and find something their myeloma hasn't seen yet.”

“With CAR T, the CRS incidence is higher, and I think we're doing better [at managing it] because we have multiple interventions. We see viral infections with [both] the CAR T and the bispecifics. We always have to kind of keep that in the back of our mind.”

“The more medications we have, the more this is turning into a chronic illness.”

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