How I Stay Motivated


Leadership and mentorship give me purpose as a professional.

The word “motive” describes why we do what we do and what drives our behavior and actions. I often ponder what motivates me and drives me several times weekly; even more often during my challenging days. I do realize that the answer to this question is different for many people; and that money, spirituality, and other factors may play a major role in motivation for some. For me the answer is simple. The mere fact that I exist and that I am positioned in an influential role that impacts so many people, is inspiring enough for me to continue to make a difference in every single life and soul that I encounter.

Leadership and mentorship give me purpose as a professional, as it affords me the opportunity to give back to my nursing profession by helping others to grow and empowering them to find their motivation and purpose in life. It also challenges me in a way that forces me to go outside of the lines and to think more colorfully. Let’s face it: everyone should have a moment in their life to color outside of the lines anyway! On a personal note, my role within my family also motivates me. I love being a wife and a mother, these roles help shape me to be the person that I am today and whenever I am down or feeling doubtful, the unconditional love that I receive from my family is always an ego boost.

As a leader, you should also be a motivator and communication is crucial in this process of motivating others.1 We have all heard the saying, “communication is the key to success,” and I am a firm believer that these words are true. I always try to be transparent, concise, and factually correct with information that I am sharing with others.

Motivation or the lack thereof, drives our performance at work, home, and in relationships; so being clear with expectations, roles, and responsibilities is important in order to achieve the desired outcome.

Regardless of your role, always remember your motivation should be customized to meet your needs; as there is no one-size fits all rule when it comes to what drives you to be the best you!


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