Oncology Nursing News Honors Nurses’ Week 2021


In honor of Nurses' Week, from May 6-12, we’re sharing what some patients, survivors, and caregivers had to say about how oncology nurses helped them along their cancer journey.

Our sister publication, CURE magazine, recently asked its audience of patients, survivors, and caregivers to share how oncology nurses have helped them on their cancer journey. In honor of Nurses' Week, from May 6-12, take a look at what some of them had to say - and thank you for your dedication!

I’ve had so many amazing nurses just show basic kindness & respect. To have someone listen to you, hold your hand, or give you a hug during extremely emotional times makes a world of difference. I’m so grateful for their unwavering compassion. – D.D.

They are angels! Calming, caring, and they talk with me as though I'm "normal" and not sick. – B.C.

I've had support from many oncology nurses. There were patient designated nurses during my original diagnosis. And since my regional recurrence I've been working with a nurse practitioner. But the ones who boosted my spirits were the treatment nurses. – N.D.

Nurses have the ability to make treatment so much more bearable. – S.D.

After my mastectomy I was feeling very alone, my sweet nurse came into my room and spent so much time with me just talking and being there for me. I loved that she took time for me in a time when I was feeling confused and alone. – T.V.

My nurses helped me) by making sure my needs were met, both physically and emotionally. – D.K.

(My nurse) keeps track of my labs and chemotherapy appointments. She is always encouraging me and even stopped by with a new oncology nurse to do my neurology exam to show her how it’s done. – C.V.

The nurses at the chemo clinic were amazing! – M.E.

My two favorite oncology nurses are twins that work together. Seeing them at the center actually makes me feel less anxious... I’m fortunate to have them on my cancer care team. – Y.P.

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