ONN's Top 5 Stories: August 2018


Here are the top 5 Oncology Nursing News stories for August 2018.

Here are the top 5 Oncology Nursing News stories for August 2018.

5. Ways for Nurses to Reduce Stress-Related Ulcers and Potential Gastric Cancer Risk

We share some tips on what oncology nurses can do to reduce their risk of gastric ulcers, and potentially, gastric cancer, in this story.

4. Oncology Nurse Turned Activist Finds Inspiration After Burnout

When Sharon Mitchell, RN, couldn’t be the nurse she wanted to be anymore, she turned to activism. Learn more about how she made the switch in this essay.

3. Annual School of Nursing Oncology Offers Valuable Education and Networking Opportunities

The 2nd Annual School of Nursing Oncology conference took place in early August, and we’ve got one oncology nurse practitioner’s recap of the meeting.

2. Transform Your Presentation Into a Publication

Does your recent presentation have the potential to serve as the basis for a work for publication? Check out our tips to help you get published.

1. Meditation App Benefits Hospice and Palliative Care Clinicians

Meditation can relieve stress, cultivate self-regulation skills, and more. In this recent piece, see how researchers put this tool into the hands of nurses.

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