ONN's Top 5 Stories: October 2019


Here are the top 5 Oncology Nursing News® stories for October 2019.

Here are the top 5 Oncology Nursing News® stories for October 2019:

5. Malnutrition Risk Assessment

Researchers have found a useful tool to assess a patient’s nutrition and identify patients that needed a nutritional intervention at the start of their treatment. Learn more about it in this story.

4. What Are Your Patients’ Needs After Treatment?

Healthcare teams can promote autonomy and improve their patients’ quality of life through survivorship planning. This piece takes a closer look at how care plans, telemedicine, support staff and more can all play a role in post-treatment care.

3. Addressing a Significant Cognitive Issue

Cancer-related cognitive impairment affects many survivors of the disease, but researchers are still not quite sure if it is the disease itself or other factors that contribute to this decline. We spoke with an expert on the topic in this piece.

2. Stress Management for Nurses

Here, a palliative care nurse shares 6 areas that nurses can focus on to monitor their stress levels and keep burnout and compassion fatigue at bay.

1. Nurses and the Opioid Crisis

While the opioid crisis sweeps the nation, we take a closer look at how nurses can be key players in the safe administration of opioids to patients with cancer, in the cover story of our October issue.

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