Resources for Your Patients When Cancer and Work Collide

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The Cancer and Careers blog is a hub of information on the various challenges that arise when work and cancer collide. From networking, to managing cancer day-to-day at work there are numerous issues that are important to think about as you approach work after a cancer diagnosis. Here is a recap of some of our most recent blog topics:

  • The Right Approach to Networking: In an age when so much of the job-search process is conducted online, the importance of standing out becomes all too clear. Using networking as a tool to develop relationships with potential employers can help distinguish you from the thousands of other job-seekers out there and ultimately land you the position you want.
  • Things to Consider Before Googling “Cancer” at Work: It can be very useful to find instant answers to treatment-related questions via Google, but it’s important to remember that searching cancer-related topics while on the job can lead to unintended workplace disclosure.
  • Mental Toughness at Work: Much like physical strength, mental strength is something everyone has to work at to some degree. Mental toughness in the workplace can be important for self-discipline, task management and an overall feeling of confidence.
  • New Tool for Workplaces Touched by Cancer: At Cancer and Careers, we know that workplaces are touched by cancer too, not just employees. Workplace Transitions is a new tool that provides employers and supervisors with the information they need to support their staff and manage cancer in the workplace.

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