The American Nurse


Documentary film will be shown on May 6th at 150 theaters nationwide.

Documentary film will be shown on May 6th at 150 theaters nationwide.

The American Nurse Project includes an award-winning book, a feature-length documentary, and an ongoing series of nurse interviews. In early 2012, photographer Carolyn Jones and her team traveled across the United States to record the unique experiences of nurses at work. The photographs and narratives hope to inspire audiences to think about nurses in a way that they may never have before, and gain a newfound appreciation for nurses. As Jones notes, “This indispensable figure is on the frontlines of health and healthcare today.”

A feature-length documentary, also titled “The American Nurse,” follows five nurses from the book along with their patients: Tonia Faust with maximum-security prison inmates; Jason Short with home health patients in Appalachia; Brian McMillion with soldiers returning from war; Naomi Cross with mothers giving birth; and Sister Stephen with nursing home patients at the end of life.

The movie also is available as a DVD and digital download (see and more information about the project and film can be found at

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