Laura Rutledge, MA, RDN, CSO

Laura Rutledge, MA, RDN, CSO

Laura Rutledge, MA, RDN, CSO is an Assistant Professor in the University of Alabama at Birmingham Department of Nutrition Sciences. She is a registered dietitian and licensed nutritionist with over 25 years of experience in hospital clinical dietetics, outpatient oncology, and weight management. In addition to teaching, Laura works with oncology patients and those with chronic disease in a survivorship and supportive care clinic. Laura recently developed as a resource to provide evidence-based nutrition information and healthy recipes for cancer prevention, treatment, and survivorship.


Grilling and Cancer: Turn Down the Summer Heat

July 28, 2018

What you grill—and how you grill—can potentially produce cancer-causing substances. Here are 3 tips nurses can share with others to reduce the risk of carcinogen formation and still enjoy grilled food.