Serenity Mirabito, MSN, RN, OCN

Serenity Mirabito, MSN, RN, OCN

Serenity Mirabito MSN, RN, OCN is an oncology health writer and blogger. As a certified oncology nurse with a master's degree, her years of experience allow her to write with a relatable and humorous flair. Serenity is a strong advocate for oncology nurses everywhere so don't be surprised if you hear your own story in hers. You're welcome to reach out to Serenity by emailing her at or visit her website at


Ramifications of Lying on a Religious Exemption Form for COVID-19 Vaccinations

November 15, 2021

As nurses around the country weigh their professional options, some wonder if the answer resides in telling a white lie. But every choice has a consequence. What are the ramifications of lying on a religious exemption form?

Beauty and the Beast: The Two Faces of Nurse Preceptors

October 08, 2021

Nursing students sometimes face surprising hostility from nurse preceptors, explains contributor, Serenity Mirabito. However, the best nurse preceptors operate as agents for good by training and fostering the enthusiasm of young nursing students.