Susan Krigel, PhD

Susan Krigel, PhD

Susan Krigel, PhD, is a licensed clinical psychologist with the Midwest Cancer Alliance. Her cancer-related career has spanned 10 years, and began when she worked as a Cancer Information Specialist for the National Cancer Institute. In her role at the Midwest Cancer Alliance, she utilizes her clinical and research skills to create and conduct programs with cancer patients across Kansas and western Missouri, focusing on improving the quality of life during survivorship. Programs are delivered both in person and via telemedicine. She also participates in professional development programs for healthcare providers.


Susan Krigel Discusses Factors Associated with Patient's Fear of Recurrence

September 09, 2015

Susan Krigel, PhD, psychologist at Midwest Cancer Alliance, the outreach arm of The University of Kansas Cancer Center, discusses factors that are closely associated with fear of recurrence among patients with cancer.