Assessing Family History: A Moving Target

June 12, 2020

Getting an accurate family history can be one of the most challenging things that nurses face, according to Suzanne Mahon, DNSc, a clinical nurse specialist at SLUCare physician group, St Louis, Missouri.

Genetic Testing: Knowledge Is Power

March 10, 2020

Some patients with breast cancer might be apprehensive to undergo genetic testing, but it is crucial both for them and their family members. Lauren Carcas, MD, medical oncologist at the Miami Cancer Institute, discusses some main points nurses can make to these patients to encourage them to get tested.

Biomarkers Predict Osteosarcoma Treatment Response

February 02, 2020

The presence of the proteins p16 and p21 has shown to be predictive of treatment response in patients with osteosarcoma, a disease that previously had no identified biomarkers to indicate whether or not patients would benefit from therapy, explained C. Parker Gibbs, MD.

Expert Talks Liquid Biopsies, Molecular Testing in Lung Cancer

January 03, 2020

Not all patients with advanced non–small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) are recommended for genomic testing when treated in a community setting, and are therefore not being appropriately tested for potential molecular drivers of their disease, explained Nathan Pennell, MD, PhD.