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Susan Krigel, PhD

Susan Krigel, PhD, is a licensed clinical psychologist with the Midwest Cancer Alliance. Her cancer-related career has spanned 10 years, and began when she worked as a Cancer Information Specialist for the National Cancer Institute. In her role at the Midwest Cancer Alliance, she utilizes her clinical and research skills to create and conduct programs with cancer patients across Kansas and western Missouri, focusing on improving the quality of life during survivorship. Programs are delivered both in person and via telemedicine. She also participates in professional development programs for healthcare providers.
This second installment of this blog on loneliness focuses on how loneliness may compromise health and can be combatted against.
2:00 PM, Fri March 24, 2017
Exploring loneliness and its effect on health. Part 1 of 2.
4:10 PM, Wed February 22, 2017
The first section of this blog provided statistics on suicide and warning signs,
1:17 AM, Thu August 13, 2015
Have you encountered patients who have voiced the wish to kill themselves?
3:26 AM, Wed July 15, 2015
Have you come across an article or book that impacted you strongly, or that you found helpful in understanding some aspect of the cancer experience?
7:41 AM, Wed June 3, 2015 | Comments (11)
The first section of this blog about sleep provided general information on sleep and described......
9:25 AM, Tue May 12, 2015
This will be the first of two blogs covering sleep, including general information on sleep, sleep disorders, and treatments and recommendations for troubled sleep.
12:00 PM, Wed April 22, 2015
The first section of this blog focused on the prevalence and conceptualization of Fear of Recurrence (FOR) among cancer patients.
4:47 AM, Thu March 19, 2015
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