June 2016

Using Spirituality and Religious Beliefs to Positively Influence Cancer Care

June 24, 2016

Partner Perspectives

Although we as healthcare providers want to be cautious and not provide a sense of false hope, we can also acknowledge that for individuals who are deeply religious and spiritual, terminal illness that results in death may not be viewed as negative.

Tech Takeover: New Tools and Resources to Improve Cancer Care

June 24, 2016

Cover Story

Healthcare practitioners know all too well how technology has transformed their workplace. These changes can be a bane or a blessing—sometimes both—as many nurses and other clinicians will attest.

Nurse-Designed Software Innovations Are Changing the Cancer Experience

June 24, 2016

Cover Story

As nurses, we’re skilled at innovating. We have to be. The nature of our work means we often have to find new ways to help our patients. From new teach­ing methods to time-saving wound care tech­niques, every nurse has, at some point in his or her career, needed to think up something on the fly for the benefit of a patient.

Emerging Antiemetics Offer More Complete Control of Debilitating CINV

June 24, 2016

Feature Story

The new generation of drugs that has emerged as part of antiemetic cocktails has demonstrated greater success in preventing and controlling chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting (CINV), but the symptoms—particularly nausea—still present significant obstacles in anticancer therapy, and the ultimate goal of prevention in all patients has yet to be attained.

High-Tech, High-Touch Cancer Care

June 15, 2016

Nurse's Notes

My dad remembers the days when he saw his doctor’s face during a visit. Now, he says, he sees his doctor’s back as his doctor taps on the keyboard of his electronic health record (EHR).