October 2013

Survivorship Care-Meeting the Challenges

November 20, 2013

Partner Perspectives

This third and final installment emanating from our roundtable with oncology nursing experts focuses on survivorship, now universally recognized as a crucial aspect of oncology care.

Managing mTOR Inhibitor Side Effects in Breast Cancer

November 04, 2013

Feature Story

Selecting the optimal treatment for postmenopausal patients with hormone receptor (HR)-positive metastatic breast cancer (MBC) remains a challenge, given a preponderance of data for several approved therapeutics

The Benefits for Nurses of Using Psychosocial Cancer Registry Data

October 30, 2013

Partner Perspectives

Registries, large databases of patient information collected in a systematic, standardized fashion, most often focus on biologic measures, such as pathology, radiology, and laboratory results, to track incidence and prevalence of disease as well as causative factors.

The Other Cancer Survivors

October 28, 2013

Nurse's Notes

It's been well established now that cancer survivorship begins on the day of diagnosis. Despite the positive spin that this presents for patients, families, friends, and coworkers, most people still associate cancer survivorship with completing treatment and getting on with life.