September 2015

Preparing Nurses for Cancer Survivor Care-a Growing Need

September 25, 2015

Partner Perspectives

While oncology nurses have undoubtedly led quality cancer care and patient education initiatives, the current and projected growth of cancer survivors in the United States demands increased attention to developing oncology nurses in the educator role.

For Survivors of Childhood Cancers, Specialized Support Can Make All the Difference

September 23, 2015

Cover Story

More people are living at least 5 years after their original pediatric cancer diagnosis than ever before. According to the Childhood Cancer Survivor Study (CCSS), 400,000 childhood cancer survivors are alive today, and that number is expected to grow to half a million by 2020.

As Clinics Await USP 800, Focus Must Remain on Collaboration and Awareness at All Levels

September 16, 2015

Feature Story

As the new USP Chapter 800 regulations for the handling of hazardous drugs are being finalized, stakeholders-including oncology nurses-are preparing for a renewed emphasis on the safe preparation and administration of chemotherapy in their daily practice.