ADCs in the Treatment of Breast Cancer and Gastric Cancer and Managing AEs Associated with ADCs - Episode 9

A Brief Review of Ongoing Clinical Trials of ADCs in Breast Cancer

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Before closing out their discussion on antibody drug conjugate use in breast cancer management, panelists consider ongoing clinical trials in this setting.


Sarah Donahue, MPH, NP, AOCNP: One of the trials in progress with ADCs [antibody-drug conjugates] in breast cancer that could further impact the landscape is the HER2CLIMB trial, which has tucatinib plus trastuzumab deruxtecan. That’s ongoing for patients with metastatic breast cancer with and without brain metastases. Hopefully, the study will show improvement not only in the brain but also elsewhere. It’s super promising.

In addition, there’s a trial with a new antibody-drug conjugate called ARX788, and that will be studied in patients with metastatic breast cancer who have been refractory to TDM-1 [trastuzumab emtansine] or trastuzumab deruxtecan or tucatinib-containing regimens, like the HER2CLIMB regimen. We have a lot of new research happening, and hopefully more treatments for these patients are coming up.

Transcript edited for clarity.