Addressing Production and Logistic Challenges in Cell Therapy

“We've had to develop a unique process and a unique cryo buffer that allows us to freeze natural killer cells and recover greater than 90% of those cells. So, the new GDA-201 cryo-preserved is now going to be an off-the-shelf product and we're going to reinstitute a multicenter study in lymphoma to include both histologies of follicular lymphoma and diffuse large B cell lymphoma.”

Although cell therapy strategies have demonstrated efficacy in treating relapsed or refractory lymphomas, the production and logistics associated with these therapies still require much improvement. Gamida Cell, a company concentrating on improving the production of cell therapy, recently deployed a new process to refine the stability of their investigational agent, GDA-201, in its treatment of follicular and diffuse large B lymphomas.

Julian Adams, PhD, chief executive officer, Gamida Cell, recently sat down with GeneTherapyLive to provide some further insight into the research efforts surrounding GDA-201. He explained how the company has developed a cyro buffer which allows them to efficiently freeze and recover GDA-201 cells. He also shared how the company’s efforts in researching omidubicel (Nicord) will affect the treatment of hematological malignancies.

Patients with high-risk hematologic malignancies treated with omidubicel reported a meaningful improvement in median time to neutrophil engraftment compared with standard umbilical cord blood transplantation, according to the results from a phase 2 trial (NCT02730299) recently presented at the virtual 47th Annual Meeting of the European Society for Blood and Marrow Transplantation.


Sanz GF, Stiff PJ, Cutler CS, et al. Results of a phase III randomized, multicenter study comparing omidubicel with standard umbilical cord blood transplantation (UCBT) in patients with high-risk hematologic malignancies following myeloablation. Presented at: 47th Annual Meeting of the EBMT; March 14-17, 2021; Virtual. Abstract GS2-7.

This video was originally published on GeneTherapyLive as “Tackling Storage and Logistical Challenges in Cell Therapy”

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