Julian Adams, PhD


Addressing Production and Logistic Challenges in Cell Therapy

July 02, 2021

“We've had to develop a unique process and a unique cryo buffer that allows us to freeze natural killer cells and recover greater than 90% of those cells. So, the new GDA-201 cryo-preserved is now going to be an off-the-shelf product and we're going to reinstitute a multicenter study in lymphoma to include both histologies of follicular lymphoma and diffuse large B cell lymphoma.”

Omidubicel May Be a Potential Alternative to Bone Marrow Transplant

June 30, 2021

“So, what we’ve done is develop a technique, using the NAM technology, to expand those stem cells, so we can make 50 to 100-fold more stem cells, with higher reliability, and manufacture those cells for patients in need of a bone marrow transplant”