Cancer Survivors, Caregivers Say 'Thank You' to Oncology Nurses

Nurses don’t only save lives – they change them. For National Nurses’ Week, survivors and caregivers shared words of appreciation for their oncology nurses.

The Year of the Nurse and Midwife could not have come at a more relevant time, as nurses across the nation are putting themselves at risk to keep their patients — and their communities – well in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In conjunction with National Nurses’ Week, readers of Oncology Nursing News’ sister publication, CURE — which is meant for patients, survivors, and caregivers of those with cancer – expressed gratitude for their oncology nurses. Here’s what some of them had to say:

Nurses Save Lives

“Without my onco nurses I would not have made it through chemo. You guys saved my life when I went into distress. Quick action. I will always be thankful.” — Ronnie

“Shout out to my oncology nurses at John’s Hopkins Greenspring Station. Most wonderful ladies in the world whom I credit for helping to save my life. They were like mothers to me. Jean, Deb, Kelly and the rest of the crew, I am eternally grateful for your compassionate care!” — Amy

Caring with Compassion and Forming Lifelong Bonds

“Thank you to all the oncology nurses, especially at Levine Cancer Institute, Rock Hill SC. They treated and cared for my husband for 2 years with such care and devotion to their job and their patients. Excellent, you were not just another patient, you were a person who was ill and needed help. Will treasure having known them forever. Thanks again from all the [patient’s] family.” —Margaret

“When I started my chemo in 2013, one of my infusion nurses was Elva. Being a nurse myself we got along well, and she was my nurse several times over the 6 months of chemo. All the infusion nurses were awesome! Fast forward 5 years I transferred to inpatient physical rehab nursing and meet one of the night nurses. We chat and we both comment that we feel like we've met before. After some back and forth we finally realize that she was my infusion nurse 5 years ago! Thanks, Elva for being an awesome infusion nurse during a difficult time in my life, and now my coworker and friend.” —Jeanne

“Stacy … at Washington University in St. Louis is the best when it comes to oncology nurses. She has been my nurse throughout my diagnosis and treatment and now into survivorship. I don't know what I'd do without her on my medical care team.” —Roberta

“My nurse Annette … has been by my side every 3 weeks for 4 years. Having her calming presents is helpful to keep my mindset clear and relaxing.” —Instagram user