Expert Talks Leukemia Essentials

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Stephanie Jackson, DNP, MSN, RN, AOCNS, BMTCN, discusses her recent School of Nursing Oncology presentation.

“Emerging therapies are coming,” shared Stephanie Jackson DNP, MSN, RN, AOCNS, BMTCN, Unit Director, Hematology/Stem Cell Transplantation, UCLA.

Jackson presented on leukemia essentials for the oncology nurse at the 5th Annual School of Nursing Oncology. In an interview with Oncology Nursing News®, Jackson provided a brief introduction to how her presentation would address the 4 different types of leukemias and differentiate between acute myeloid leukemia, acute lymphoblastic leukemia, and the chronic leukemias that are much slower growing, chronic myeloid leukemia and chronic lymphocytic leukemia.

Her presentation highlighted “how [leukemias] are diagnosed, what are the role(s) of the bedside nurses, in terms of the clinical manifestations that are seen, and then how we’re treating them, based on the NCCN guidelines, at the end we’re going to talk about many of the exciting, emerging therapies that are coming, many of which are already FDA approved, and then 1 that we are currently waiting to be FDA approved, which is very exciting.