I'm Vaccinated, Now What?


We gathered content on COVID-19 vaccination, and what it means for oncology nurses and the patients they treat.

The world changed when the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic began in 2020, and is changing again now that there are 2 FDA-approved vaccines for the disease. However, that change is happening slower than some might expect. As health care providers and the general public continue to be vaccinated, they should also keep up with social distancing and mask-wearing efforts.

There is no “on-off” switch for a pandemic, but there is slow movement toward a brighter future.

Oncology Nursing News spoke to nurses about their experiences with the COVID-19 vaccine, and what it means for them and their patients in a content series called, “I’m Vaccinated, Now What?”

Maintain COVID-19 Precautions After Vaccine Distribution

Three nurses offered guidance, and they are all in agreement: It is not time to hang up the masks just yet. Nurses must stay vigilant about personal protective measures and should encourage their patients to do the same.

Podcast: COVID-19 Vaccine Not ‘A Quick Fix’ for Social Distancing Measures

In this episode of “The Vitals,” Oncology Nursing News’ podcast, we chatted with an oncology nurse from Atlanta, who said that she predicts the general public might start loosening up on their precautions. However, it is crucial that patients and providers don’t.

COVID-19 Vaccine for Patients With Cancer: NCCN Guidance

The National Comprehensive Cancer Network published guidelines for COVID-19 vaccination in patients with cancer. However, experts on the panel that developed the guidelines said that they likely can evolve as time goes on and more is learned about coronavirus.

Patient Questions on the COVID-19 Vaccine: Nurses Weigh In

Patients have questions about the vaccine and are looking to their oncology nurses for answers. We spoke with nurses about the most common questions they’re hearing — and what the answers are.

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