Oncology Nursing News' Top 5 Stories of 2019


The year – and the decade – are coming to a close. Look back with us at the top web articles of 2019.

The final year of the decade not only saw many advances in the world of oncology, but also brought crucial professional issues to the surface, from violence against nurses to the debate about whether a nurse’s job is depressing.

Here’s what made the list of Oncology Nursing News’ top 5 articles of 2019:

  • FDA Demands More Information on Cancer and Illnesses Caused by Breast Implants There were reports that a certain kind of breast implant could lead to a rare type of blood cancer. While textured implants have been banned in other countries, the United States government recommended a warning label.
  • Tired of Hearing People Say an Oncology Nurse's Job Is Depressing? Many of our readers reported being asked if their job was depressing — and many of you grew annoyed with the question, too! Hear what other oncology nurses have to say about this issue.
  • What Are the Needs of Cancer Survivors 5 Years or More After Treatment? The cancer experience does not end when treatment does. This article, written by an oncology social worker, goes into detail about the physical, informational, and survivorship needs of someone who is 5 years out from treatment.
  • Violence Against Nurses: A Major Issue in Healthcare There’s a growing percentage of nurses who experience violence at work. We spoke with an expert on the topic about why more and more nurses are being attacked, and what can be done about it at the individual and systematic levels.
  • Palliative Care: May I Have Some Please? Oncology Nursing News contributor Michele Longabaugh, RN, was diagnosed with stage IV cancer. In this piece, she explains the importance of palliative care — and why we need to stop confusing it with hospice or end-of-life care.

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