Vote on Oncology Nursing News' New Podcast Logo

Oncology Nursing News is launching our very own podcast, and we want to hear from you when it comes to the logo and topics to cover.

Oncology Nursing News is taking its existing monthly podcast with its sister publication, CURE, and launching its very own: “Oncology Nursing News: The Vitals.”

Starting in June, we will publish a monthly podcast where we’ll talk to experts on the latest and greatest in oncology nursing. But before we upload our first interview, we need our readers’ help deciding on a logo, as well as topics to discuss.

Take the survey and have your voice heard! Do you choose logo A, B, or C? Also, let us know what you want from an oncology nursing podcast: Discussion of adverse event management? The latest clinical updates? Nursing career-related topics, such as burnout and continuing education?