World Cancer Day "Makes Noise" to Spotlight Prevention

World Cancer Day encourages people internationally to raise awareness about cancer prevention and early detection, such as through "Support through Sport."

World Cancer Day 2017

World Cancer Day February 4, 2017 marked the second year of a three-year initiative titled, “We can, I can,” that encourages people to play an active role in cancer prevention on the personal level as well as collectively. A goal of World Cancer Day is to “make noise” through social media and the “world’s media,” such as print, television, radio, etc.

This year (2017), World Cancer Day encouraged sports fans, sports-related organizations, and athletes to use their voices and reach through the "Support through Sport" initiative. Since about one-third of all cancers are preventable through lifestyle changes, increasing physical activity and leading a less sedentary lifestyle is a major message of the ‘Support through Sport’ initiative.

World Cancer Day takes a multifaceted approach to cancer prevention and early detection, and its website,, lists actions that can be taken (eg, healthy schools and workplaces, policy change, and support for research).

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