Join the #OncNurseConnect Tweet Chat on Hot Topics in Oncology Nursing

Friday, August 16, 2019
Save the date! We invite you to join Oncology Nursing News for an #OncNurseConnect Tweet Chat on Wednesday, August 21, at 1 p.m. EST, when we plan on discussing popular topics in oncology nursing, including safe drug handling, burnout, adverse event management, and more.


The chat will consist of the following discussion questions (Q#):

#OncNurseConnect Q1: In an effort to provide the best care to patients, nurses may sometimes sacrifice their own safety by not wearing proper safety gear when handling chemotherapy drugs or even skipping lunch. Have you experienced this?

#OncNurseConnect Q2: Many nurses are quick to credit those who came before them for their success – have you ever worked with a mentor or served as a mentor for someone else in your unit?
#OncNurseConnect Q3: As an oncology nurse, you’re no doubt familiar with long shifts and stressful situations. Have you experienced burnout as a result of the demands of your job? How do you cope?

#OncNurseConnect Q4: While the treatment landscape continues to change for all cancer types, keeping up with potential AEs is key in helping patients obtain optimal outcomes. How do you keep up, and how do you communicate these to patients?

#OncNurseConnect Q5: The oncology space is constantly shifting - how do you stay current on the latest information in your field? Have you invested in any professional development or continuing education?

#OncNurseConnect Q6: We recently polled our social media audience about what matters most to them in their profession, and workplace safety was a hot topic, with a focus on workplace violence. Have you experienced this?

Never participated in a Tweet Chat before? It’s simple!

How to Join a Tweet Chat:

  1. Log in to your Twitter account on the date and time of the chat and search for “#OncNurseConnect” to find the conversation. You can also see the questions on the Oncology Nursing News Twitter feed.
  2. Make sure you’re filtering your search results by “Latest” to see questions, and other participants’ answers, in real time.
  3. Every few minutes, we’ll Tweet questions that we invite you to respond to using #OncNurseConnect. You can also join the discussion by watching the hashtag to see other responses. See a response you want to add to? Reply with #OncNurseConnect!
  4. Don’t forget to add #OncNurseConnect to each response you share so others can see your tweets and chat with you too!
We’ll see you on Twitter!

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