June 2014

Implementation of Modified Primary Nursing in an Ambulatory Cancer Center

July 16, 2014

Partner Perspectives

Improvements in cancer treatment have increased survival rates, and with more patients being diagnosed with cancer, complexity of disease state, and treatment toxicity, it can be challenging to identify an appropriate care delivery model.

Medication-Induced Constipation Is Poorly Managed

June 25, 2014

Conference Highlights

Susan C. McMillan, PhD, ARNP, FAAN has conducted extensive research on treatment-related constipation, which, she noted, is the most common side effect of all of the opioid medications, and one that is "very amenable to nurse intervention."

Early Nutrition Support in Head and Neck Cancer

June 20, 2014

Conference Highlights

Researchers presenting findings at the 2014 ONS Congress reported that many oncologists who are treating patients with head and neck cancer are proactively starting these patients on enteral nutrition (EN) support to avert malnutrition in a population which is especially vulnerable to this complication of this diagnosis and treatment.

Symptom Management in Oncology Nursing-"We're Not There Yet"

June 19, 2014

Cover Story

Despite decades of research, experts agree that, for many patients with advanced cancer, clinicians may still fail to accurately assess-or sufficiently manage-the symptoms associated with a cancer diagnosis and its treatment.

Extraordinary Healer Goes "Above and Beyond"

June 18, 2014

Conference Highlights

Each year in connection with the ONS Annual Congress, CURE magazine announces the winner of its Extraordinary Healer Award for Oncology Nursing, and the 2014 recipient Cindi Cantril, RN, OCN, was honored not only for the outstanding care she provides to individual patients with breast cancer, but also for going above and beyond to forge a number of programs to support other patients living with cancer.