Health Care Professionals Can Fight Burnout Through Their Diet


“This is a holistic, functional and integrative approach to your mental well-being. So, you start small, and you build up on that. It is not an overnight fix; it is a slow and steady progress.”

Uma Naidoo, MD, recently spoke with Oncology Nursing News® to explain how clinicians can make small diet changes to improve their overall mental well-being and proactively fight burnout.

Naidoo, a nutritional psychiatrist and director of nutritional & lifestyle psychiatry at Massachusetts General Hospital, is the author of the acclaimed book This is Your Brain on Food, available on amazon.

Naidoo offered examples to help health care professionals adjust their lifestyle, explaining that “when you are not feeling great, you may think that you are eating what we call a comfort food or a treat, but I like to say that comfort foods are discomfort for the brain. So, maybe just think a little bit before that. A good tip is, if you have a craving for something, you might actually be thirsty because the hunger and thirst signals in the brain come from a very similar location. So, have a glass of water–hydration is great for you anyway, and that could stave off that hunger or craving until you are able to sit down or get a healthier meal.”

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