May 2013

What's New From the NCCN? Survivorship Guidelines!

June 17, 2013

Nurse's Notes

Although the number of survivors is impressive, survivorship also brings challenges, as many cancer survivors experience long-term physical and psychosocial effects of the disease and its treatment.

Promoting Sleep in Children With Cancer

May 30, 2013

Partner Perspectives

Rebecca Kronk, PhD, CRNP, MSN, writes about evidence recognizing sleep disturbances and fatigue as common occurrences in children with cancer during treatment, after treatment, and in long-term survivors.

Genetic Experts' Views Shift on Testing, Prophylactic Surgery

May 28, 2013


The decision about whether to get tested for a genetic mutation that may predispose a person to certain cancers is a difficult one for many patients to make. Even more difficult for mutation carriers is deciding whether to undergo a prophylactic surgical procedure.

Making the Move to Exercise

May 24, 2013

Partner Perspectives

Amy Hoffman, MSN, PhD, RN, from Michigan State University's College of Nursing, offers practical tips to help initiate a regular exercise strategy for cancer patients and survivors.