At-Home Infusion Program to Change Nurse-Patient Relationship

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“I certainly think it is an opportunity to improve the nurse-patient relationship.”

Cancer Treatment Centers of America’s Oncology Clinic at Home is a pilot program which allows qualifying patients to receive their chemotherapy treatments in their own home.

Chevon Rariy, MD, medical director of Endocrinology and the Telehealth Program director for the Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) Chicago, recently spoke to Targeted Oncology®, sister publication of Oncology Nursing News®,about the launch of the In-Home Infusion Program and what the shift in care represents for the nurses supporting these patients.

The Oncology Clinic at Home Program, which is currently based in Atlanta, Georgia, delivers oncology care to patients so long as they are in good enough health to not require a hospital visit, can tolerate their medication in an in-patient setting, have reliable internet service, own a mobile device such as a laptop or mobile, and have insurance policies which cover the treatments. The program currently treats breast, lung, prostate, head and neck, colorectal and some genitourinary cancers.