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From Nurse to Freelance Writer

Ashley Hay, BSN, RN A diagnosis of primary immunodeficiency as a teenager, and later of autoimmune disease, didn’t discourage Ashley Hay, BSN, RN, from pursuing her dreams. Maintaining a po...

A Dose of Sunshine: Nurses Who Volunteer at Oncology Camps for Kids Learn a Different Aspect of Care

Kelly Clegg, BSN, RN, CPHON - Photo credit: Kyle Kielinski It’s a beautiful day at Happiness Is Camping (HIC), a free residential summer camp for children with cancer and their siblings...

Writing Helps Relieve Stress from Cancer Concerns

I will never tire of writing the story of me and my experiences as an 8 year survivor of stage IV anal cancer. A lot of my life these days is consumed with maintaining or improving my well being. I...

Free Training Courses on Supportive Care Offer CE Credit

A series of training courses on supportive oncology care developed by the Coleman Supportive Oncology Collaborative (CSOC) is now available online through the National Comprehensive Cancer Network&...

Cancer as Trauma: How to Best Support Patients Through the Trauma of Treatment

By Lauren Brailey, LMSW Trauma is defined as an emotional response to any difficult life event, such as exposure to threatened or actual death, and can result in shock and denial in the short-term...

Many Tanning Salons Not Compliant With State Laws, Study Finds

Meghan Rothschild learned the dangers of indoor tanning and now speaks out about its consequences. - Photo courtesy of Meghan Rothschild Meghan Rothschild knows the dangers of indoor tanning. She...

Behavioral Therapy Alleviates Prostatectomy-Induced Incontinence

Behavioral therapy reduced episodes of urinary incontinence following radical prostatectomy by 55% in a study of 208 men with incontinence persisting ≥1 year following prostatectomy. The 8-week...

Amelie Harle on Future Tests of Aprepitant for Cough

Amelie Harle, MD, PhD, an oncologist at the Christie Hospital in Manchester, United Kingdom, discusses future tests to determine the efficacy of aprepitant (Emend) in reducing cough in patients w...

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